Sunday, September 1, 2013

No Easy Answers

Syria is a mess.

We have no business going in there without international support.

Having said that, the current President cannot politically make that call on his own without his party being destroyed in the elections next fall.

Up until last week it looked like he would have British and possibly French backing at a minimum. The Brits decided not to join, much to my amazement. That is a fairly large thing and a fairly large change in the way the attack could be justified.

I am really tried of folks that make this a no win for the President...

If he had said "Fuck it I am going in" they would have excoriated him for being a kneejerk interventionist "just like Bush"

If he had said "it is none of our business" they would have excoriated him for being weak and emboldening America's enemies

If he had said "let's ask Congress" he would have been excoriated for being indecisive and abdicating his Presidential prerogatives. Oh, right, that last one is actually what he did and he is getting nailed from all sides for it.

Why would any sane person want to be President?

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