Sunday, August 18, 2013

Competence and The Wikileaks party

The Wikileaks Party Lurches To The Right: Preferences Fascists, Mens-righters and Gun-lovers above the Greens | AusVotes 2013
"The only people who can lodge the official form with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) saying what a party’s preferences are is the Registered Officer, or a deputy Registered Officer. Currently listed as Registered Officer for the Wikileaks Party is Gail Malone, with deputy Registered Officers Karen Cochrane, Cassandra Findlay and Omar Todd.
 Given that such an important “administrative error” has been made, no doubt the Wikileaks Party will soon let us know who lodged the wrong preferences with the AEC and how a person capable of making such an error was appointed to such a little-known but very responsbile post."
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Apparently they need a little more?

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