Thursday, November 15, 2012

Vehicle suggestions wanted

I am starting the great car hunt. Not in a huge rush to replace my ancient PT Cruiser but she is probably about to see her last winter and it is time to start looking.

I am leaning toward some kind of hybrid or electric beasty and am intrigued by Ford's new C Max hybrid. I looked briefly at the Chevy Volt but while I will pay a premium, 40k for what appears to be basically a Cruze just doesn't make sense to me.

I have a very short commute (< 10 miles) so limited all electric range isn't a problem.

I would like something I could toss a pair of small kayaks or bikes on top of (or behind if a small trailer is an option ).


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  1. I tried to comment from my phone but blogspot would not let me...The premium for all electric or hybrid is clearly not worth it for you. At 20 miles per day, you are talking about 40 days between fillups for a hybrid, but probably 20 days between fillups of an economical regular car.
    If I had it to do again i would have bought a diesel last year, but i do high mileage( >100 miles per day)
    The overall footprint of hybrids is suspect to me given the batteries they use. I don't believe their overall life environmental impact is better than gas or new diesel.


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